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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Karanataka Udyog Mitra has developed online application process to transform the paper based system to electronic system. Core activities such as Investor Relationship Management, Application submission to Karnataka Udyog Mitra, Single Window Clearance Process and escort services for speedy implementation of the projects have been computerized. Stakeholders of the Portal are:
1. Government Departments             2. Investors Advantages of the Portal are:
a) Anywhere and anytime access by the stakeholders             b) Increased transparency and efficiency in Government Departments             c) Reduces Cost and saves time.
Online application being a green initiative has the following advantages
  • Saves Time: Multiple applications can be submitted logically by an investor to the line departments for necessary Approvals/NOCs/licenses.
  • Notification: For every stage of application processing an email and SMS notification will be sent instantaneously to the investors.
  • Status: Status of the applications submitted can be monitored online. Secure and convenient payment: Credit card/debit card/ net banking options has been provided for the investors to make payment process more secure and hassle free.
Direct debit option in ‘Payment’ section should be used to make payment through credit/debit card. Below specified are the options which has to be followed by the investor,
  • Logon to online application
  • Fill up all the relevant fields
  • Choose preview and submit
  • Choose make payment
  • Choose the project Cost, Processing fees, Transaction type as “Online”
  • Choose debit card in following screen and follow the steps
All the procedures remain the same as mentioned in FAQ 4, except for the last step where the investor has to select ‘Net Banking’ option instead of ‘Debit card’.
To avoid any fraudulent registration, temporary password will be sent to the valid email accounts and mobile phones.
Industry recognized encrypted password will be stored securely in Karnataka Udyog Mitra database.
Yes! Once all the fields are filled by the investor, necessary documents can be uploaded by using “Upload Document” tab. This has to be authenticated with the digital signature of the investor.
‘Save’ option has been provided in the portal to save the document and data whenever the investor uploads. The investor can upload/change the documents multiple times before submitting.
Any duplicate payment made for single application will be refunded automatically to investor’s registered bank account. Note: Chances for duplication of the payment is higher while using instant payment modes, i.e credit card and direct debit. Therefore it is recommended to be cautious while making payment using instant payment modes.
As per the IT act 2000, electronic signature called ‘Digital signature’ is used for electronic documents. This is the functional equivalent of ink signature on the paper document. A digital signature is valid as per the court of law and will ensure non-repudiation, security and authentication.
In order to submit an online application to Karnataka Udyog Mitra all the investors should obtain a legally valid ‘Digital Signature’ as per Indian IT act 2000. This can be obtained from licensed Certifying Authorities (CA) operating under the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI), Controller Certifying Authorities (CCA) of India.
CA is trusted third-party organization that issues digital certificates used to create digital signatures and public-private key pairs. CA ensures that the certificate is issued to the claiming individual itself. The CA has an agreement with financial institution, such as a credit card company, which provides with information to confirm an individual’s claimed identity. CA is critical component in data security and electronic commerce because they guarantee that the two parties exchanging information are really who they are claiming to be.
  • Visit the site of the licensed CA using internet browser.
  • Apply online for a class 3 digital certificate for the designated individual with organization name.
  • Ensure the Digital Certificate is legally valid in India.
  • For making payment and submission of documents required for issue of the Digital
  • Certificate, follow the instructions on the CA's website.>
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